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My vision for starting Restoration Care Services, LLC is to help Restore lives while creating a legacy of Excellence as we, the caregivers, serve others!
Sandra D. S. Jones
Sandra D.S. Jones has volunteered her services as Companion and Sitter for Seniors for over 25 years. Seniors are a very special part of our society and they deserve our attention and respect. She believes that services for them should be done with a spirit of excellence. This is the type of in-home care Restoration Care Services, LLC will be able to provide for your aging loved ones.

Companion Sitter for Seniors

We understand you want top quality care for elderly parents in their own home or place of living. You are searching for a companion or sitter for seniors who will treat your elderly parent or loved one the way you would treat them, with respect and compassion, while providing excellent service. Our senior home care providers are all CNA or higher with current and up to date licensing. They have the training, skills and ettique to do the job like we demand at Restoration Care Services, LLC.

We know each and every family will have a varying and different needs for their senior parents. We will help you establish a plan that will meet your needs while taking care of theirs. When you are looking for a companion or sitter for seniors you want to be assured the elder care provider has experience with seniors. We have had over 25 years as sitters and companions.

We provide non-medical assistance to Senior Citizens and Elderly in thier home. Your loved one will be in an environment that is familiar, reducing stress providing companionship, sitter support, reminder of medication, light housekeeping, preparing meals, transportation to doctor’s appointments, and more. Our compassionate caregivers work closely with your elderly parents to allow them the independance they still crave, while assisting where we see the need and strive to provide the best in home care services for your loved one. You can choose the level of care your senior parent needs and we will be there to carry it out and will remain the same until you specify otherwise. Each plan is custom to the families needs.

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